Here are some accomplishments of Cherry Creek Elementary School Early Act (Lowell Area Schools).
Early Act advisor Joseph Audia sent the following report and two timely videos:
In our efforts to help the school, community, and world we have been busy!
School: We revived the paper recycling program that went away during the pandemic and some members held a trash clean up on the playground during their recess.
Community: We made a video commercial and actively collected toys to From for the holiday toy drive. There are links embedded in the video description
World:  Microfinancing with   This group is new to the topic of microfinancing and extreme poverty.  They've seen the short " Pedro video" that explains how a Kiva loan works.
On Nov.21, before Thanksgiving break, our club meeting was all for Kiva lending.  Students went online in pairs and chose who to lend $25 dollars to. During our 30 minute meeting, we made 47 loans of $25 each to borrowers in a variety of countries.  (We lent out $1,175)  All of our loans can be seen here: 
SInce 2013, we have lent to 921 groups of borrowers in 86 countries totaling now more than $24,175.  We estimate that this effort has directly effected 6,000 to 7,000 borrowers, because most of our loans are group loans of 5-10 borrowers with their own specific business ventures.