Guatemala Literacy Project
As indicated on the information attached  the “Guatemala Literacy Project” has been ongoing since 1997and is supported by over 600 Rotary Clubs.  Endorsed by 2017 -18 RI president Ian Riseley it address poverty, illiteracy and inequality in Guatemala.
Under the guidance of the Rotary Club of Cincinnati Ohio District 6290 has been asked to become involved in the project.
This is an ideal opportunity for clubs in District 6290 that would not otherwise entertain involvement in an International Projects, to come together with other clubs and accumulate a donation of $ 10,000.00    that would under Global Grants result in a total of $ 34,000.00
With over sixty clubs in the District this goal with your help is achievable.  As you set your goals and International involvement please give this your utmost consideration.
This project is being conducted with the full cooperation of District TRF Chair Gertnot Runsckke and payment is not required until such time as the full $ 10,000.00 is reached. The only thing that I would ask is that a letter of commitment be signed.
Please take time to read the attached information and discuss with your club and any businesses in your area that would consider making a donation.
This is not just an opportunity to become involved in International projects but to also to become directly involved in making this a better world.
Additional information is available by Googling “Guatemala Literacy Project”
I may be reached by email or by calling 705 989 9688 for any questions you may have.
Yours in Rotary,
Brian Robertson
District 6290 Chair International Services