Christian Whipple
Fruitport High School Junior
All in all, I really enjoyed the Life Leadership Conference. Although I was a bit skeptical in the beginning about what it was and how it was going to turn out, I was very happy that I went.  All the speakers and the games we played were just amazing and, although I really didn't know anyone there, by the end we were like a little family.
I think Molly Kennedy's speech impacted me the most. Her message of Creating the Champion Within and the way she interacted with the audience really moved me. Howard Oesterling's talk was also really amazing to hear. It made me think about people in my life that may be affected in the way that he was talking about with the boy in his story of Cliff Evans and the Cipher in the Snow.
I can see Rotary being a big part of my future, I really think Rotary is a genuine group that wants to spread good in the world. This is why, after talking to Doug Mealey on staff, I would like to start a Rotary Interact club at my school. I think it would be incredibly beneficial to the Fruitport community and the school as a whole being able to spread the message and actions of Rotary and Interact. I absolutely loved participating in LLC, and now,  thanks to Rotary, I have over 100 new friends that I can talk to and make new memories with in the future.