Report from Symone Gray
The Rotary District 6290 Life Leadership Conference was one of the most influential events that I have participated in this year. My friends and I spent weeks afterward quoting, reviewing, and discussing a lot of the points and ideas that were made and how to apply the skills into real life application. It has made me feel more confident about my leadership abilities, but it also has made it possible for me to see the room for improvement and leadership in the programs and things I'm involved with. 
LLC speaker Molly Kennedy was one of the most influential speakers for me next to that of Howard Oesterling, former Director of LLC. Molly helped me to see that in the times where I feel isolated and alone in my struggles, that I truly have people around me always that understand.  Though each of our life experiences are unique,  there are people out there with wisdom that can be shared to help bring me out or someone else out of the place they are in. 
Howard Oesterling's messages helped me to really reflect on my own school program and how it focuses on not leaving someone out and helping people to find a place. It is so important to help everyone know their value as a person, and all it takes is kindness and being brave enough to put yourself out there.  
The Dangerous Parallel world conflict role play was my favorite activity, because it really helped to push myself out of my comfort zone around other conferees I hadn't had the chance of meeting prior for the most part. It helped me to realistically demonstrate my skills as a leader in my role as foreign minister and observe the skills I had learned in action which is something everyone should be able to experience.
What can I do with what I have learned?  I want to start by helping step up definitely with the incoming freshmen and sophomores at Wyoming High School. Being able to just help make people feel welcome and comfortable in a new setting is important, but not only that, stepping up when it is called upon. Stepping up by helping out more in Color Guard and going out of my way to assist, stepping up in tennis and being energetic and putting in 110%.  Overall, just leading by example, to   get to know people and help bring out everyone's skill set and characteristics to the best of my abilities to create a better and organized environment.
If you ask anyone who participated in LLC, the overall response would be it needs to be longer. The information that was gathered was vital and very useful, but three days felt too short to really get to know everyone around and mingle. Activities such as  Dangerous Parallel made it possible for myself and others to mingle with different people, but the opportunity could have been extended over to other events.  I would also suggest working on a way to mix family groups so they had a chance to get to know other conferees with other activities. 
I think anyone who is old enough to understand what qualities of great leadership are should attend the Life Leadership Conference.  I am glad that I did and much appreciate the opportunity and the Conferee of the Year honor bestowed upon me.
Symone Gray, 
Wyoming High School
sponsored by South Kent/Byron Center Rotary Club