On Saturday, November 4, District 6290 held its second Vision Facilitation Training
Great North (Canada/UP) and Top of the Mitt Clubs participated, co-facilitated by D6290 Vision Facilitation Chair, Julie Schumaker, AG, Vision Facilitator, Ruthann Schulte, and DGN Mark Andresky.  Petoskey Noon President, Reg Smith hosted the event at the Perry Hotel in Petoskey owned by his family. 
As a result of this training, the District has trained Vision Facilitation teams in every region of our district. 
Clubs can contact District Vision Facilitator Coordinator Julie Schumaker. to register now for Vision Facilitation in 2024.More info is coming soon about the 2024 Vision Facilitation process, the benefits for clubs, and how a club can host its own Vision Facilitation experience.