In June we focus on Rotary Fellowships

Rotary Fellowships are international groups of Rotarian's organized around shared interest. Many of these groups will be part of the House of Friendship exhibit during the International Convention.

Learn more about how you can enjoy this year's convention via Live Stream.

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Final Reflections

What a District Conference!
I have been to many district conferences, but I’m not sure I have been to a better one. It was indeed Great!  Thanks to the district conference planning committee that made this happen. Thanks to our speakers and breakout session leaders. And thanks to the Rotarians, Rotaractors, Interactors, and Rotary Youth Exchange Students who attended and made it such a success. And thanks to our Foundation Committee that put on a memorable and profitable gala. Those of you who missed it, speak with someone who was there. Find out about the fun and fellowship that took place. Find out about all the energy, excitement, and exchange of ideas that took place. Find out about the challenges Brianna Scott, Court Clarke, Sarah Sanderson, and Ed Futa gave us to take action.  And find out what you missed in the breakout sessions that helped Rotarians learn and borrow from each other to improve how they provide Service Above Self. 
Ed Futa told me he gave out all the personal cards he brought with him. He asked me to include his email address in my newsletter this month. He wants to hear from us. Ed’s email address is
Brianna Scott can be reached at  She is in Muskegon and recently hosted another Love Lives Here neighborhood party on May 31 at Mona Lake Park.
Court Clarke,, is back in Calgary and has plans to go visit and speak to as many of the surrounding Rotary Clubs as she can.
Sarah Sanderson,, is back in Uganda with $2,000 we spontaneously pledged at the conference for the Nakivale Rotaract Club's "Year of Action and Inspiration” event for World Refugee Day. You can continue to watch Sarah’s movements by checking her blog,
Keep reading for updates on other important happenings around the District.

We Have A New Rotaract Club!

DG Ed Swart (center) recognizes Holland Rotarian Dave Beattie (left) for establishing Hope College Rotaract. (Outgoing Club President Russ Miller is to the right)
Did you know that Rotaract is celebrating 50 years this year? Better yet, did you know that D6290 has a new Rotaract Club at Hope College?
Most D6290 Rotaract Clubs are based at a college campus. The Great Lakes Rotaract Club, sponsored by Coopersville Rotary, is an exception as it is a 'virtual' club.
Rotaract Clubs can also be community based. We have none of these within our District. A community-based club offers an advantage in that the membership isn't as transitory as those on a college campus.
Get inspired to grow Rotaract. Watch Rotary's webinar, How to Start a Community-based Rotaract Club, for valuable tips on how easy it is to start a club, and why community-based clubs can be a great option. Rotary President-elect Barry Rassin has set a goal of doubling the number of Rotaract clubs in 2018-19. The webinar is available on demand.

D6290 Supports Water & Sanitation Projects

To install the 100th Latrine, members of our staff and members of the Rotary Club in San Pedro Sula joined forces to accomplish this incredible milestone! 
Last year El Ayudante (Honduras-based mission) received a grant from Rotary International  to build and install 100 latrines. Before receiving the grant, El Ayudante had only installed 90 latrines since they started the program in 2013. In May they installed their 100th latrine from the grant bringing our grand total of installed latrines to 190! The same team, also with tremendous support from Rotary and visiting Rotarians, have installed more than 1,100 water filters from here in Lo de Reina to as far away as Selguapa, a new community almost 2 hours up the mountain. Read more about their good work in their May newsletter.
Keep reading to learn more about two $500k challenge grants that have benefited from significant financial support from generous D6290 clubs. In short, two grants (Guatemala & Honduras) involving 78 schools impacting 42,000+ students. Now that's what we call making a difference!

Happenings Around the District

The Baldwin Rotary Club honored Chuck Cole for his 55 years of service with the club! Chuck has seen many changes over the years and is an active role model for the club and community.
Fremont Rotary members and Holly Moon from the White Cloud Rotary hard at work clearing a large area for wild flowers for the bees at Kropscott Farms in the pouring rain!
Kris Thomas of Benzie Sunrise Rotary Club was named the 2018 Athena Award Recipient. For those of us that know Kris, we couldn't be prouder as this couldn't be more well deserved. 
Cadillac Rotary presented a donation of $4500, which the Wexford County Law Enforcement Division has used to secure critical medical first-aid equipment which they demonstrated to club members at a recent meeting.
Cheboygan Rotarians (left to right) Don & Kay Bohls, Gary Voisin, Lee Muchmore, Bill Ahrenberg, and not pictured Chuck Baase. Fifty trees were planted at Aloha State Park one tree for each member of their club.
Chippewa County Sunrise Rotary also took on RI President Ian's challenge to plant trees.
East Jordan Rotary held their Annual Rotary Variety Show which included a fabulous Elvis medley. Looks like they really got into the spirit of things!
Elk Rapids Rotarians held their annual  "Rock-A-Thon" which is a fun new fundraiser for their Good Works. 
Frankfort Rotary held their 15th Annual Take A Kid Fishing event. Click on image to see the 9 & 10 News Report
On June 27 celebrate the big reveal of Grayling Rotary Pavilion at Hanson Hills Recreation Area. This is a long-term project coming to fruition. Well done!
Gaylord Rotary recently purchased 10 bronze plaques and had them installed on historical buildings in downtown Gaylord. The Rotary Club and Otsego County Historical Society researched the past of several buildings and crafted the plaques to trace the history of the buildings from their origin to their present.

You're invited to a 100 year birthday party!

In celebration of the Rotary Club of Sault Ste. Marie’s 100th anniversary, you are invited to join us for ROTARYFEST, The Sault’s Summer Festival! The three-day festival attracts 30,000 visitors and will take place along Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario’s downtown waterfront from Thursday, July 19 to Saturday, July 21, 2018. Savour the lip-smackin' BBQ at Ribfest, boogie to continuous free entertainment on our two music stages, get hands-on and creative in the Tenaris PlayZone, fly through the air on the carnival rides, take part in the Miracle Mile ColourBlast, and delight in the family memories being created.
As part of ROTARYFEST, your club is invited to be part of the 97th Rotary Community Day Parade presented by Brookfield on Saturday, July 21st, 2018. The Rotary Community Day Parade is enjoyed annually by 10,000 spectators. In consideration of travel expenses, any floats or entries from Rotary Clubs in District 6290 would be given entry into the Parade free of charge. The Rotary Club of Sault Ste. Marie is also interested in information regarding potential high school bands, marching bands, floats, or units from your community that would be an entertaining addition to our Parade.
For more information about ROTARYFEST, please contact our Rotary club office at 705-945-1279 or visit

Best Rotary Elevator Pitch Yet!

"Together, we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change — across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves.”

Rotary International's Vision Statement


Baker College Muskegon Rotaract In The News

The Rotaract Club of Baker College of Muskegon donated $10,500 to The Muskegon Rescue Mission. Every year the club chooses a non-profit in which to raise funds. The club earned their fifth Presidential Citation from Rotary International for the 2017-2018 academic year.

White Cloud Rotary Endows Scholarship Fund

Members of the White Cloud Rotary Club are shown with big smiles and holding a BIG check representing a $9,000 contribution to their Fremont Area Community Foundation (FACF) Rotary Scholarship Fund. With this latest contribution now has endowed three annual $500 scholarships that will be presented to three qualifying White Cloud students.
Editorial note from the District - White Cloud Rotary Club has ~ 23 members. They are a classic example of how our smaller clubs have a huge heart and are able to accomplish great things.

Jump for Polio

Lisa Pointe of Traverse City Rotary Club in the air over Charlevoix.

On June 10th, 22 Rotarians and friends from 12 clubs (including one in District 6310) jumped from a small plane out of the Charlevoix airport to raise money to eradicate polio. The total donations for Jump for Polio seem to have plateaued at $41,012.35. That is $123,036 when you count the Gates match. 

If you want to break this down into what our money buys:

  • 205,060 doses of vaccine

  • 41,000 children vaccinated (getting the vaccine and the vaccinator to the child is more expensive than simply the cost of the 2 drops of the vaccine.)

Raising money for Polio Eradication is a big deal these days. Getting to zero cases in the name of the game these days: get to zero cases of polio and then stay there for 3 years. That is the requirement to have the world certified polio free. The budget to do this is $1.5 Billion.  Rotary had pledged $50M a year for the next three years and The Gates Foundation has pledged to match the Rotary donations up to $50M a year for the next three years.  that amounts to 33% of the total budget and national governments and public health organizations from around the world have pledged the rest.

Thanks to everyone who supported our work. We hope everyone will take this job seriously and donate generously to Polio Plus whenever the opportunity arises..

Interested in the story about our jump?  Here is a link to a fabulous TV 9&10 feature story.

Polio Warning

Rotary Sault Ste. Marie, ON President, Dino Biasucci owns a restoration company and during one of the restorations they found a newspaper article dated November 25, 1959 on Polio in the SAULT.
Although Polio was declared eradicated from the United States in 1979, did you know Canada wasn't certified "polio free" until 1994?

It was a fabulous 70th anniversary for our Life Leadership Conference

70 years and stronger than ever!
Thank you LLC Chair John Noling, LLC Director Dave Rozman and staff for what we know was yet another fabulous and transformative event for both the students as well as the Rotarian volunteers.
'Read More' for a first-hand account from one of the participants

Update on Meghan Forest, District 6290 Ambassadorial Scholar

Meghan is attending Oxford University to complete a M.S. degree in Visual, Material, and Museum Anthropology. 
Her program is going very well and she is hoping for an Honors distinction at graduation in September.  When she’s not busy studying she is volunteering at the museum systems in Oxford (Pitt Rivers Museum and also art, science, history museums and a botanical garden), working with school groups that visit.  She planning to author and produce a podcast for the School of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography that demonstrates the value of museum objects in education.  She’s also been doing research assisting Drs. Laua Peers and Chris Morton of the Pitt Rivers Museum on Native American studies.  Creating digital resources for communities of origin, so one can digitally interact with objects if they cannot travel to the museum to handle them in person is underway as part of her project too. 

D6290 Peace Fellow Inspires $2,000 Fundraising to Support Uganda Refugee Camp

Nakivale refugee camp
Many of us have had the pleasure and honor of meeting Sarah Sanderson Doyle. Sarah was awarded the prestigious Rotary Peace Fellow scholarship and is currently spending 10 months as an English Language Fellow (ELF) with the U.S. Department of State in Uganda at Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST). 
While in attendance at our District Conference Sarah shared a story of the new Nakivale Rotaract Club, the first ever Rotary entity to be established in a refugee camp.  Nakivale refugee camp is a settlement located in Isingiro District in Southwest Uganda and is home to 89,000 refugees who have fled civil wars, genocide, insurgencies, military coup. 
PDG Al Bonney, Sarah, and DG Ed Swart beaming after $2,000 spontaneous fundraiser
The American Refugee Committee (ARC) partnered with Ugandan Rotary Clubs to charter the Nakivale Rotaract Club last June 2017, and the Nakivale Rotaract Club is now preparing to celebrate the successes of their first year at World Refugee Day on June 20. The Nakivale Rotaract Club, in partnership with American Refugee Committee, will be hosting a 5k run with over 1000 refugee runners that will generate ideas and funds for a year of service projects. Additionally they will be celebrating their first year and will launch their second "Year of Action".
Inspired by Sarah's story and the amazing work that is in process, PDG Al Bonney rallied the troops at District Conference and before anyone could blink, they generated a $2,000 donation in support of their good works.
We are looking forward to photos of the celebration and will share more information as it becomes available.
Learn more about this amazing Rotaract Club and the Refugee Camp in this recent article and video published by Rotary.

Rotary Grants Alert

Your Rotary Club should reach its $100 Every Rotarian Every Year goal and your Treasurer should make sure that it is all paid by June 30, 2018. Your Club should have $100 paid to the Rotary Foundation Annual Fund by June 30 so your Club is qualified for District 6290 matching grants for the 2018-19 fiscal year. The Rotary Foundation closes its books on June 30, 2018.
Keep reading for details of how to pursue a Foundation matching grant (District and/or Global) for the 2018/2019 year. The application window is July 1, 2018, to October 15, 2018.

Grant Management Seminars - Who Needs to Go & How to Sign Up

To qualify to apply for a matching grant using District 6290 District Designated Matching Grant funds, District policy says, “at least two Rotarians from your Club with a membership of 20 or more (based upon Rotary International records as of July 1, 2017) must complete a Grant Management Seminar in 2018. If your Club has fewer than 20 members, at least one of your Rotarians must complete a Grant Management Seminar in 2017.
NEW THIS YEAR: The Chair of your grant project must complete the current Grant Management Seminar and anyone (except for your Club President) signing your grant application must also have completed the current Grant Management Seminar. These may be the same person.
You may take the course online at your own pace.

D6290 Rotary Foundation Raffle - The Winners Are . . . 

Thank you to all who participated and supported this year's D6290 50/50 Foundation Raffle. The lucky winners are listed below. As we know, every dollar counts when it comes to raising funds for Rotary Foundation. It is the pool of funds that enables so many of our good works. We are appreciative of those that sold tickets and those that purchased them as well!
1st Place was Verne Osterlund, Petoskey Club (Noon)
2nd Place was Jac Russell, Ludington Club
3rd Place was Ron Wiens, South Kent Club
4th Place was Bob Banner, Boyne City Club
5th Place was Lana Jacobson, Grand Haven Club
6th Place was Jackie Bertsch, Roscommon Club

Global Polio Eradication At-A-Glance May/June

Wild poliovirus type 1 and Circulating vaccine-derived poliovirus cases
CountriesYTD 2018YTD 2017Total in 2017Onset of paralysis of  
most  recent case


Polio this week as of June 19, 2018

  • Featured on www.polioeradication.orgStopping polio at the border.
  • World leaders reaffirmed commitment to eradication at the G7 summit.
  • Advance notification of cVDPV1 in Papua New Guinea:  Following identification last month of an AFP case from which VDPV type 1 had been isolated, genetic sequencing of two VDPV1s from two non-household contacts of the AFP case, has now confirmed that VDPV1 is circulating and will be officially classified as a  ‘circulating’ VDPV type 1 (cVDPV1).  The National Department of Health (NDOH) is closely working with the GPEI partners in launching a comprehensive response. The cVDPV1 will be officially reported in next week’s data.
  • Advance notification of new cVDPV2 in DR Congo:  Advance notification of a new cVDPV2 case was received this week from Ituri province, in the north-east of DR Congo, close to the border with Uganda.  Initial investigations are ongoing, but early reports are that the child had onset of paralysis on 5 May 2018, and has a recent travel history with Haut Katanga.  Genetic sequencing indicates the case is linked to the Haut Lomami/Tanganika/Haut Katanga outbreak. The case will be officially reported in next week’s data.
  • Summary of newly-reported viruses this week: Three wild poliovirus type 1 (WPV1) positive environmental samples reported from Pakistan, and two from Afghanistan. One circulating vaccine-derived poliovirus type 2 (cVDPV2) environmental sample from Somalia. See country sections below for further details.

NA: Onset of paralysis in most recent case is prior to 2017. Figures exclude non-AFP sources. All cVDPV are type2.  cVDPV definition: see document “Reporting and classification of vaccine-derived polioviruses” at [pdf]

Keep Reading for an Endemic Country Summary
(as of June 19, 2018)


May 2018 Membership & Foundation Giving

* All numbers reported through May 31, 2018
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