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Volume 1 | Issue 9

A final note from DG, Brian Robertson
DG, Brian and First Lady, Leona Robertson
Another successful GLR PET’s in the books thanks to the hard work of the committee. We had great speakers and representation from RI rep Shirley Grace. Our TRF committee has since had a Zoom meeting with Shirley to discuss and support youth and educational programs.
To all the Presidents-Elect I hope that it was an inspiration and that you got to meet new friends that you can keep in touch with during your year. I encourage you to speak to your club about your experience at PETS and to become engaged with other clubs in the District.
Despite what the weatherman says spring is upon us, and you are no doubt planning your outdoor activities. Please keep the rest of the District informed of the dates and times of these events. You can do this through the District Website or by email.
2019 Governor Installation Ceremony
2019 Governor Installation Ceremony
CTAC 6/19/2019
Tribute to Outgoing Governor Brian Robertson
Tonight we gather to celebrate the continuity of District 6290 and specifically to recognize our dear friend Brian Robertson. As I have matured in my understanding of all the District leadership offices, it is clear to me that Rotary is a team sport. Each new leader builds on the shoulders of all those that went before and strives to pass the baton to the next runner further ahead then they received it. Brian has certainly risen to and exceeded that challenge.
Brian and I both live in the sparsely populated North. This was a blessing because we often carpooled together to Southern Locations like Chicago, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Muskegon and Holland. All of which are roughly 8-hour round trips. During those drives, I got to know a successful businessman who loved his wife, his family, and Rotary. Like all Governors, Brian was confronted with challenges (small and large) and always included me in finding solutions. It was his feeling that there should be continuity in leadership. I hope that I can be half as good a mentor to Jon and Gary as Brian was to me. During his club visits - Brian challenged all of us to choose between being just a club member or a real “Rotarian”. In my mind, Brian you are the District 6290 2018-2019 Rotarian of the year. Please accept this plaque as a small token of our respect for you as a person and our appreciation of your contribution.
The Caption reads: Presented to Brian Robertson District Governor 6290 2018-2019 In Honor and With Deep Appreciation for your Unselfish Dedication, Leadership and Continuous Support of the Ideals and Principles of Rotary International
30 PHF awarded at the Traverse City Rotary Club
Updated Constitutional Documents
Updated Constitutional Documents
The English revised constitutional documents, that incorporate all the enactments adopted by the 2019 Council on Legislation (COL), are now available. The following three documents have been updated:
They have been posted on the Governance documents page of My Rotary and language versions will be posted as they become available. The Report of Action, sent in May 2019, can also be found on the Councils page of My Rotary.
Joanne Elvy -- a day in my life as a volunteer w/Salam LADC in Lebanon
Rotary Past - Present - Future
Save the Date The Rotary Foundation Gala