Rotary District 6290
Monthly e-Bulletin

Volume 1 | Issue 4

District Governor, Brian Robertson
October and early November has been very busy especially for young Rotarian’s. October 20th Steve Osborne and his team held a conference in Cadillac for Rotaract students. It was very well attended and very informative. The following Saturday, the 27th, Doug Mealey and his team had a conference in Muskegon for Rotary Interact. 170 students attended. November 2nd, 3rd and 4th Howard Huyser and his team interviewed Rotary Youth Exchange students and their parents applying to go out for the years 2019-2020. Leona and I participated in the interviews which took place at the Kettunen Center in Tustin. We had a great group of students who will represent Rotary very well.
Big thanks to PGE Dave Thomas, Tom Schmidt and their team for putting on two “Basic Training” seminars. One in Sault Ste Marie Ontario on October 13th and a second at the Kettunen Center, Tustin, on the 27th. Both were very well attended. Thanks again for all of your hard work in the name of Rotary.
October 24th was World Polio Day. Many events took place and many more are continuing around the District and the world. We are so close to the eradication of polio we must not become complacent. We must put an all-out effort into eradicating polio worldwide. To quote Barry Rassin “it’s difficult, it is a task of breathtaking ambition and scope. But thanks to Rotarians we are doing it”
Club visits for Leona and I continued at a hectic pace. As of November 15th we have visited fifty-six clubs. A big thank you to all of the clubs we have visited and the hospitality that we have received from each and every one of you. Each club is unique and a tremendous tribute to Rotary and the District.
November is Rotary Foundation month. To quote Ron D. Burton, Foundation Trustee Chair, “We should all take pride in the fact that something good happens every second of every day because of Rotarians and our Rotary Foundation”. Please learn about all these achievements in the monthly Rotary magazine and please consider an annual donation of $ 100.00 
A very enjoyable Thanksgiving to all in the United States. We in Canada have already celebrated ours. We can now just have to concentrate on “Black Friday”
Brian Robertson
DG 6290
Keeping up with Rotary Peace Fellow,  Joanne Elvy
Myself and students from School #4 in Horishni Plavni, celebrating "International Day of Peace" on September 21.  
Greetings to all from the Ukrainian-Slovakian frontier!  Following those unforgettable months I spent as a Rotary Peace Fellow at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, I spent several weeks in Jordan and Lebanon.  My research at Chula focused on post-conflict recovery and schooling for Syrian children and I am currently seeking an opportunity to continue working in that area.

Service Above Self Day for 7th Grade Students at Benzie Central
We put all of the 115 students into one of five work groups that went to five sites in the county, working for 2+ hours with Rotarians and community folks to do various clean-up projects.  Attached is a summary that served as a news release for our local paper, the story that ran in the Record Patriot.
Revealing Secrets of an Effective Club Secretary
My Opinion... (Kathy Hegedus, District Administrator)
The Club Secretary is the most important, high-visibility, leadership position that makes an impact in your Rotary Club – period. Consider the importance of:
– All club data and record keeping
– Generating every measure of club and district success
– Historical documentation
– Sustaining club status with Rotary International (termination IS possible)
– Documenting membership
– Keeping members engaged…and in your club
– Coordinating directly with District, Zone, and Rotary International leaders 
I will be sending out an email each month with helpful tips and tricks on how to achieve the above!  Together we can generate conversations with all of the club secretary's in our district.  Are you with me?  Please use comment section below of some items you would like to see addressed!

December 2018

Disease Prevention and Treatment Month