What You Need to Know
There are no medical treatments in Nigeria for a child who contracts polio.  If they live through the disease they usually completely lose the use of their legs. They cannot move far, go to school, learn a skill or get a job.  Forgotten by their families, they live on food scraps to get through the day.
With the medical and prosthetic capabilities in the west, the most maimed among us gets a wheelchair, becomes mobile, looks us in the eye, gets an education and lives a reasonable life.
The simple addition of a wheelchair enables mobility, dignity and a level playing field, the polio survivor has a chance to get an education, learn a trade, find a job, have a family and earn a living.  A wheelchair is a transforming event in these people’s lives.
The only thing standing between their crawling today and mobility tomorrow is $150. A District International Grant ($1,000 minimum / $4,000 maximum) doubles a club’s contribution and purchases 13 - 52 wheelchairs.
Visit www.wheelsofhope.net, or call Al Bonney at 231-223-4064 for more information.