The Youth Exchange program depends on the participation of Rotary clubs, Rotarians and their families, and others in the community to build an effective support system for sending and hosting students. All members should make an effort to participate in Youth Exchange activities, either as a member of the club Youth Exchange committee, a host parent, or a Rotarian counselor. Club responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Coordinating club Youth Exchange activities with the district program and ensuring compliance with RI and district policies

  • Attending district Youth Exchange meetings

  • Establishing club expectations for students

  • Ensuring that students attend mandatory functions, such as orientations or district conferences

  • Receiving feedback from students for program modification

  • Notifying district Youth Exchange chair of any student issues or concerns

For outbound students

  • Promoting the program to students in the community, distributing applications, and coordinating selection of students at club level

  • Interviewing and selecting candidates for the exchange

  • Assigning a Rotarian counselor for each student

  • Maintaining contact with district outbound coordinator

For inbound students

  • Establishing and maintaining contact with inbound students before they arrive

  • Meeting students at airport or train station

  • Serving as liaison between Rotary club and schools that students attend during long-term exchanges

  • Assigning a Rotarian counselor for each student

  • Interviewing and screening potential host families

  • Maintaining contact with district inbound coordinator

  • Arranging disbursement of monthly allowance for long-term exchange students

  • Coordinating selection and orientation of host families and maintaining contact with host families throughout the student’s exchange