District Committee Policies
Area Date Policy
District International Grant
August 24, 2016 Your club must have a host club (where the project takes place) as part of your District International Grant application. The District Grant Committee may approve using NGO instead of a host club, if a reliable host club cannot reasonably fulfill all the normally expected requirements. The NGO must be able to meet all Rotary International and District 6290 requirements.
District International Grant
Host Clubs & NGOs
November 14, 2016 The primary host club, primary host district, or partnering NGO must contribute at least $100 to the project to show its support for and commitment to a District International Grant.
Projects containing construction of buildings   Generally, Rotary District 6290 does not fund the construction of buildings, except as an incidental part of a larger project to which the construction contributes. We have, however, contributed to the construction of facilities which have major support from the community, governments and non-governmental organizations. We prefer to contribute to tangible personal property such as equipment rather than to buildings which require maintenance and support which may not be available in the long run. The Rotary Foundation however is permitting some construction for a three year period beginning January 1, 2018 in certain limited areas.