Lisa Pointe of Traverse City Rotary Club in the air over Charlevoix.

On June 10th, 22 Rotarians and friends from 12 clubs (including one in District 6310) jumped from a small plane out of the Charlevoix airport to raise money to eradicate polio. The total donations for Jump for Polio seem to have plateaued at $41,012.35. That is $123,036 when you count the Gates match. 

If you want to break this down into what our money buys:

  • 205,060 doses of vaccine

  • 41,000 children vaccinated (getting the vaccine and the vaccinator to the child is more expensive than simply the cost of the 2 drops of the vaccine.)

Raising money for Polio Eradication is a big deal these days. Getting to zero cases in the name of the game these days: get to zero cases of polio and then stay there for 3 years. That is the requirement to have the world certified polio free. The budget to do this is $1.5 Billion.  Rotary had pledged $50M a year for the next three years and The Gates Foundation has pledged to match the Rotary donations up to $50M a year for the next three years.  that amounts to 33% of the total budget and national governments and public health organizations from around the world have pledged the rest.

Thanks to everyone who supported our work. We hope everyone will take this job seriously and donate generously to Polio Plus whenever the opportunity arises..

Interested in the story about our jump?  Here is a link to a fabulous TV 9&10 feature story.