Meghan is attending Oxford University to complete a M.S. degree in Visual, Material, and Museum Anthropology. 
Her program is going very well and she is hoping for an Honors distinction at graduation in September.  When she’s not busy studying she is volunteering at the museum systems in Oxford (Pitt Rivers Museum and also art, science, history museums and a botanical garden), working with school groups that visit.  She planning to author and produce a podcast for the School of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography that demonstrates the value of museum objects in education.  She’s also been doing research assisting Drs. Laua Peers and Chris Morton of the Pitt Rivers Museum on Native American studies.  Creating digital resources for communities of origin, so one can digitally interact with objects if they cannot travel to the museum to handle them in person is underway as part of her project too. 
Meghan continues to be engaged with Rotary.  She attended the District 1090 Conference in Cheltenham, England and tabled the Global Scholars booth for most of the conference, and helped set up and tear down various events.  She’s been interviewed by District 1090 to appear in a short promotional video for the Global Scholars program.  She has spoken at four Rotary Clubs, including her host club about her studies.  She is grateful to her Rotarian family in Oxford, Ian and Catherine Black, who have arranged for transport and overnight stays for her on multiple occasions.  They are providing her with cultural experiences including going to places like St. George’s Chapel and museums outside of Oxford.  She is looking forward to showing Rotarians around the Pitt Rivers Museum in the very near future. 
As her year comes to a close with studies, she reports she’ll speak at a few more Rotary clubs, work a charity event and attend a year end barbecue with her fellow Global Scholars before completion.  Meghan exemplifies our Rotary values of service above self and diligently working to create deeper understandings of cultures though museum artifacts.