District Governor Tom Schmidt and Denise
2015 - 2016
District Office

Kathy Hegedus
Administrative Assistant
PO Box 381
Grand Haven, MI. 49417

616-638-8769 (cell)






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What is it?
It's one of Rotary's most highly regarded programs--so much so, that some employers credit hours invested by Rotarians as formal leadership training! In District 6290 we feel so strongly about the quality and impact of this program that we have budgeted funds that are available as matching scholarship funds -- Clubs send one member and the District will fund a second. All you need to do is notify Kathy Hegedus at the District Office and she'll make it happen for you!
If you have attended Rotary Leadership Institute, PDG Tim Knaggs encourages you to share your experiences with your fellow club members. Encourage new members and emerging leaders to attend. To help us help you tell that story, please send your personal testimonials to tknaggs@charter.net.

Someone some time ago said that RISK, is a one word definition of leadership.  For a couple of minutes let’s consider that thought. 
Leadership doesn’t have to have endeavors that are risk filled? Or, is it necessary to be a risk taker?  Leading is going somewhere with a purpose.  One can only lead if there are followers.  Leading without followers is just a gentle walk by oneself.  So leadership must include the risk of others doing more than observing.  Leadership is having others engaged in the process of change, moving forward for a cause.
So, some questions must be asked: “If you are leading, where are you going?”  Second question: “What do you plan on doing?”  Third question: “How do you know that you are successful?”
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Sarah Sanderson Doyle is spending two years studying and doing research in Peace and Conflict Resolution at International Christian University in Tokyo, Japan. Follow her journey.

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