Fellow District 6290 Rotarians:
 I am proud of the response of my fellow Americans and Canadians. United in support of each other to face the deadly threat of COVID-19. We have received communication from Rotary International giving us full authority and latitude to do whatever we need to do to keep our members and communities safe.
In our District we have reacted and continue to monitor for appropriate further actions:
  • Great Lakes Region President Elect Training – convened on 3/12/20 in Kalamazoo. It was suspended on 3/13/20 by the mandate of the Governor of Michigan.
  • Club Meetings – Many clubs in our District have chosen to cease their weekly club meetings for a period of time. At this point those cessation periods seem to have a reassessment in mid April.
  • 2020 District Conference in Petoskey – The District planning committee has decided to cancel the conference and will not attempt to reschedule for 2020
  • Rotary International Assembly in Hawaii – No decision has been made as of this time for the June 6th through 10th meeting. Rotary International is monitoring the situation worldwide and will notify us if there is any change in their current position.
  • Youth Programs Interact Service Project to Central America is being rescheduled for the Summer of 2020. Life Leadership is monitoring and hopes to still meet in mid June.
All Club Presidents have full authority to take whatever actions they deem appropriate. Please notify our Chief Administrative Officer, Kathy Hegedus of any changes and also please update your Public Image Social Networks to reflect your decisions
I am proud of the calls and other communication I have been receiving. All have a consistent theme: We’re doing fine now - - Through the storm we need to stay in touch with our members and our communities to provide rapid support where requested and where needed - - We’ve been through worse and we’ll get through this together.
Stay Strong - DG, Dave