The Rotary District 6290 Life Leadership Conference (LLC) returns to Ferris State University on June 14-17, 2023, for our 74th annual conference. 
Building Future Leaders Today
The Rotary Life Leadership Conference (LLC) is part of the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) program of Rotary and a signature Youth Service program of District 6290.  Our conferimageence theme, Building Future Leaders Today, reflects Rotary's action orientation to serving Youth and in making a positive difference for Youth, our community and the world.
First organized in 1949 by Muskegon Rotarians Stub Bemer and Chase Hammond, the District 6290 Rotary Life Leadership Conference has now moved locations five times over these many years and has impacted over 7,000 youth leaders.  Many conferees have gone on to leadership roles in Interact, Rotaract, Rotary, and in their colleges, work, community and world endeavors.  LLC alumni have shared with us repeatedly how this conference impacted and helped to shape them at an important time in their lives.
The mission of LLC is to educate and inspire youth, utilizing the Rotary motto of Service Above Self, to expand their leadership roles in service to their schools and communities, and to the world.                                                                          
LLC attracted 102 student leaders from 24 of our District clubs in 2022. Our goal for 2023 is to expand the number of clubs participating by at least 10 and conferees attending by at least 40.  With your help, we can do it! The 2023 conference itself will be co-directed by John Noling and Rhonda Lamberg for our second year working together in this role.  Rhonda is from the Houghton Lake Rotary and has distinguished herself in many Rotary levels and programs, most recently as our District Interact Chair.
Ferris State University provides a central location, strong safety and security protocols, excellent meeting spaces, exceptional food service, and a University atmosphere that will support the LLC mission and curriculum.  Students will be housed in dorms with two to a room.  
Our high energy, veteran, and dedicated conference staff of 15 will provide all necessary support and supervision. Many physical activities, games, and events will be planned using campus facilities to bring young people together in constructive and healthy ways.  
Rotary Youth Protection measures are in full effect for all clubs in both recruiting prior to the conference as well as with the Life Leadership staff throughout the conference. 
All District 6290 Rotary Clubs are encouraged to budget $375 per scholarship offered ($275 for Youth Exchange inbounds and outbounds) and to begin the recruitment and selection process now. We highly encourage all Youth Exchange inbounds and outbounds to participate if possible.
Feb thru April:  Recruitment, Interviewing, and Selection by Individual Clubs with Rotary involvement in interviewing each candidate sponsored.
By May 26--  Invite your conferees to a Rotary meeting, connect with them as a mentor, complete and send in completed applications, payment, and Sponsor Summary Form by May 26 to Kathy Hegedus at our District office.
The main LLC recruiting priority is for current sophomore or junior student leaders with a heart for service who are hungry to learn more, although all secondary students are welcome. Multiple conferees may be sponsored and we encourage diversity and inclusion in the selection process. We also encourage clubs to sponsor Rotary Interactors, when possible, to assist them with training to effectively lead their Interact clubs in the future.  
The deadline for receiving LLC applications is May 26, 2023, and applications are available online at www. under Youth Services, Life Leadership Conference.  
If you want to get inspired in a hurry about our District Youth Services, I encourage you to view the new two-minute YouTube video Creating Our Future at For a view of last year's LLC, go to the one minute video on the top right of this webpage:  
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