District 6290 Conducts a prestigious Life Leadership Conference each year for the top student leaders. It is a powerful experience for all who attend. Beginning in 1949, it is the longest continually running Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) program in the Rotary world. The Life Leadership conference is held at the Kettunen Center in Tustin, Michigan.  The Conference is held on a small wooded campus designed especially for leadership training.

The agenda includes motivational and thought provoking speakers. Discussion groups explore the intellectual, ethical and emotional aspects of leadership. International Students who attend lend global perspective on issues.

"I came to Life Leadership skeptical: I left inspired to make a difference. I came ignorant: I left with a broader perspective. I came an aspiring leader; I left a person with the passion and skills to make a difference. I came a civilian and left a citizen."

"It has been a pleasure to be at the Life Leadership Conference. it was by far, the best conference that I have attended. Everybody there was just so nice. The speakers' presentations were moving. I'm sure all the conferees walked away with a new way of looking at their lives. Thanks again for this once in a lifetime opportunity. Special thanks to all the staff that made this conference possible."

"I want to express my gratitude on how awesome the Life Leadership Conference was.  Every minute I was there I felt a connection between new friends and myself.  The conference helped me realize I need to come out of my shell and jump into action.  I think it could be seen as a college-prep experience.  I learned some great skills to deploy in my community from the conference.  I wish I would have know n how awesome it was going to be before it started!  Thank you again for the time, money, and thoughts that allowed me to take part in this life-changing experience."