There are numerous thoughts or tools to use when considering a person for leadership responsibility. One of the methods is using five words that begin with the letter “C”. I’m sure that you can add to the list but here are five words to consider for a person match job relationship.
  • Character
  • Competency
  • Chemistry
  • Capacity
  • Courage
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You might want to consider CHARACTER as the beginning qualifier when thinking about placing a person in a position. We know that leadership enthusiast John Maxwell has stated that “everything rises and falls on leadership”.  A person whose character is questionable due to continual poor choices is a person that often will fail the test of integrity when making decisions that impact others. The impact of a team will be undermined when depending upon a leader whose character evidences unhealthy practices personally or professionally.
Another word to consider would be the word COMPETENCY. This is really asking the two questions: “Can they?” “Will they?”
Asking the question “Can they?” means can the person who may possibly fill a role be able to adequately complete the job requirements? Following the first question is this second question “Will they?” Will they want to fill this position even though it might stretch them? Is there an evident desire that this is a task that appeals to their passion? We are all aware of how draining a task is on our total being when interest level is minimal. A lot can be said about having a passion to fulfill responsibilities. Will they like what they are asked to do?
CHEMISTRY is another consideration in a person job match relationship. When responsibilities involve a team concept, the chemistry of that team is highly important. Bad chemistry can truly slow down a project, side track goals, misdirect energy and complicate role responsibilities.
The fourth word that might be applied is CAPACITY. Capacity is closely related to competency but involves thinking about the abilities of the person to have greater achievements. Some of this is a subjective consideration of the level of capacity that a person has toward raising the bar. It would be a good exercise to ask the question: “Do they have the capacity to have leadership growth and learn from this opportunity?”
An integral part of leadership is COURAGE. This is the challenge of having the courage to look beyond the day to day responsibilities and to pursue steps of action that are out of the box of being ordinary. This is not actions of stupidity. It is not taking action without considering implications. It is having the vision to make a difference, taking a stand for what is necessary and right along with a willingness to endure those who challenge this forward direction.